Battery Left

I wrote Battery Left many years ago when the original T-Mobile G1 Android phone was released. Battery Left shows how long your battery will last in terms of minutes and hours, not just percentage. It does this by learning your usage patterns and making various estimations to try and be as accurate as possible.

Whilst the algorithms don’t work for everyone (people with similar daily usage patterns find the app more accurate), it gives a good picture of when your battery will expire for the majority of users.

Battery Left includes the following features:

- Top status bar icon to show % battery left (off by default, turn on in settings)
- Status bar notifications showing charge/discharge status & time/% left
- Two highly customizable homescreen widgets (colors, levels etc) to show all aspects of battery info including:
- estimated battery %
- estimated voltage % (for Motorola Droids & extended batteries)
- system battery %
- calibration accuracy
- time left until battery empty
- time left until battery is full (when charging)
- clock time that battery will die (12 and 24 hr)
- voltage
- temperature (Fahrenheit and Celsius)
- Shortcut buttons to battery info, usage and history (if supported on your device)
- Show battery time left in hours and minutes via battery calibration system with visual accuracy rating
- Shows battery % in 1% levels on Motorola Droids that by default only show 10% levels
- Sends low battery notification to your Pebble smartwatch
- PRO version: setup multiple battery profiles for calibration
- PRO version: grey/orange/red status bar notification icons dependent on battery level

Note that once installed, it can take several days before Battery Left starts to become accurate. Keep an eye on the Accuracy tab for more info. The quickest way to calibrate the app is to charge it full and let it run down until your phone turns off. This way the app has a full range calibration from 100% to 0%.

You can install Battery Left FREE from Google Play Store, or upgrade to Battery Left PRO which gives you the ability to setup multiple battery profiles.